Choosing your Agent

The biggest mistake most people make when choosing an agent is to be over influenced by the valuation.

In order to achieve the best possible price you need an agent with great access to buyers.  You need an agent who can demonstrate their track record, an agent who is happy to show you their last 20 transactions in your area.  An agent who is happy to show you how long on average it takes them to sell a home like yours.  An agent who is happy to show you how many price reductions they have asked their clients for over the past 6 months.

Pricing is important but it shouldn’t be the main criteria when choosing the best agent to achieve the best price in a time frame that works for you.

Some agents without great access to buyers and who don’t want to show you their track record in your area or would be concerned if you saw how many clients they have asked for a price reduction over the past 6 months may say that all you really need to do is make your home available on Rightmove, keep your fingers crossed and hopefully everything will work out for the best.    My experience tells me otherwise.

All we would like is the opportunity to visit you in your home, chat through your requirements and then explain how we are different to other agents.  How our sales process achieves proven results and our statistics which we are happy to make available to you back up these results.

Our valuation and marketing consultations are always free of charge and without obligation.  Call your nearest office and book yours now.

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